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Agriculture Projects

Agriculture is Africa’s most important economic sector. However, access to modern technologies and equipment is very limited while cultivation techniques and farm machinery are outdated. Moreover, there is a shortage of qualified personnel capable of maintaining and making best use of the agricultural machinery under local conditions. No practically based training is available for farmers in the use of contemporary machinery and farm management methods.


Inappropriate agricultural practices are reducing soil fertility in Africa, with a consequent decline in yields. This means food has to be imported. The governments  pay for these imports on international markets in foreign currency, with the result that the countries’ currency reserves are being depleted.


Dixell Partners offers vast experience and expertise in many areas of modern agriculture, taking into consideration the different climate and market conditions. The company has many years of experience in agriculture. Our team of agronomists have planned, built and run successful agricultural projects worldwide.


Our Turn-Key projects offer an integrated concept and tailor-made services based on the dedicated conditions as well as requirements of each customer. The entire project will be managed by our team on-site, including: supervision, installation, commissioning and training. Execution of the project will meet the business plan budget and will be delivered in the agreed time-frame accordingly.


Dixell Partners provides in-site management for the first critical growing cycle or for future number of years. We will ensure that the new agricultural project runs smoothly and that a local management team will be trained and take the lead of the project. 



Agricultural Services and Training Center (ASTC)

The ASTC concept is an extension of diverse services and training from a rural logistic center and out to individual farmers and farming units in the vicinity. The ASTC purpose is assisting  the local farmer, enhance his production capability and raise his quality of life.


In addition, the center will facilitate promotion of yield, quality and market supply of agricultural produce. The center will introduce principles of commercial agriculture in a subsistence agricultural setting and will thus upgrade production and introduce fundamental advancement into the rural agricultural environment.


The ASTC will be established in coordination with the government. The center location will be determined considering maximum benefits for the local region and other factors such as the population, accessibility and availability of infrastructure such as electricity, water, communication facilities and roads. The capacity of services based on geographical limits of the served area will be determined by efficiency factors – such as distances to individual farms, population size within the area and the center.


Funding of the center will be a combination of government funding as well as specific fees that will be paid by farmers’ members for technical services and supply.


ASTC will provide diverse training programs in crop production, irrigation, fertilization, tillage and soil preparation, plant protection, post-harvest management and other programs.

The objectives of these courses are to acquaint the trainees with most advanced agricultural technology and to share with them the acquired know-how and experience. The main idea is “On Job training” of implementation of this experience.


Main subjects’ curriculum
  • Production in Greenhouses

  • Production in Open-Field

  • Agro-technical aspects of “fertigation” ( fertilization & irrigation ) system

  • Post-harvest technologies: Handling, Packaging and Marketing

  • Economic aspects of production

  • Plant protection and pest control

  • Agricultural private farming


Power Plant EPC

Dixell Partners Pte. Ltd. cooperates with European firms of Power Plants build-up - leading international EPC Contractors


Vast experience in Design, Construction and Commissioning of Power generating plants.

Development of power based on: Natural Gas, Diesel, HFO, Hydro, Coil, Biomass and Biofuel.


Professional Capabilities
  • Leading equipment supply

  • Plant integration

  • Enhanced reliability

  • Ease of operation

  • Maintenance

  • O&M – A long term contract to run top availability and efficiency


Stages of the Project
  • Feasibility study – site survey and technical assessment

  • Environmental impact study – EIS (If required)

  • Concept Design of the project

  • Detailed design of the project

  • Full project management

  • Procurement all equipment and material

  • Mobilization, site preparation, security

  • Construction – Civil, Mechanical, Electrical

  • Commissioning the full power plant

  • Training and handling over the operational plants

Solar solutions

Dixell is a private company dealing in energy solutions like the procurement, sale, installation and service all types of solar energy and power systems, equipment and appliances in West African region.

Our specialty is the Solar PV Business, and has had a long term leading role and experience in the development of the Solar Power Industry.


Wind Turbines

We offer a new generation, high yield of onshore and offshore wind turbines with power ratings spanning up to 6 MW. Our main goal is reliability therefore by designation systems for ease of installation; the turbines lower the cost of energy.





Reservoir project & Drip Irrigation system


Goals of the Program
  • Build-up the high-end Reservoir that will serve for many decades

  • The availability of usage of 30,000m3 of water and more

  • Creation of Drip Irrigation system and usage of the Reservoir water

  • Adoption of advanced technology of Water supply, Irrigation and Agriculture

  • Revolution: counting drops of water for the plants

  • Demonstration center of Reservoir and Irrigation system

  • Training of the Ministry of Agriculture teams as well as the local farmers.

  • Create employment opportunities for many workers in this project

  • Introduction of new technologies and Know-how of Water supply, Irrigation system and fertilization systems.

  • Improvement of the corps production: higher Quantity and high value and healthy quality.


Center pivot irrigation

Center pivot irrigation is a form of overhead sprinkler irrigation consisting of several segments of pipe (usually galvanized steel or aluminum) joined together and supported by trusses, mounted on wheeled towers with sprinklers positioned along its length.


The machine moves in a circular pattern and is fed with water from the pivot point at the center of the circle. The outside set of wheels sets the master pace for the rotation (typically once every three days). The inner sets of wheels are mounted at hubs between two segments and use angle sensors to detect when the bend at the joint exceeds a certain threshold, and thus, the wheels should be rotated to keep the segments aligned.


Center pivots are typically less than 1600 feet (500 meters) in length (circle radius) with the most common size being the standard 1/4 mile (400 m) machine. To achieve uniform application, center pivots require an even emitter flow rate across the radius of the machine.



The center-pivot irrigation system is considered to be a highly efficient system which helps conserve water.


Center pivot irrigation typically uses less water compared to many surface irrigation and furrow irrigation techniques, which reduces the expenditure of and conserves water. It also helps to reduce labor costs compared to some ground irrigation techniques, which are often more labor-intensive.


Some ground irrigation techniques involve the digging of channels on the land for the water to flow, whereas the use of center-pivot irrigation can reduce the amount of soil tillage that occurs and helps to reduce water runoff and soil erosion that can occur with ground irrigation.


Less tillage encourages more organic materials and crop residue to decompose back into the soil, and reduces soil compaction. 


Aircraft Renovation, Modernization and Support


Dixell Partners Pte. Ltd. is capable to provide professional and innovative solutions for wide spectrum of the Aviation world. With more than 30 years of professional experience in the aviation industry, major successes in establishing dedicated operational teams, flight programs and successful technological projects around the world, we would like to offer our line of services and products for the use of Defense forces.




Dixell Partners Pte. Ltd. team is committed to the best quality of products; one of our major expertises is finding the best quality in term of life cycle, shelf condition and delivery to the customers. Our team supervises and double checks every process until the arrival of the product to the customers.



Our major expertise is the capability of providing:
  • Overhaul

  • Repairing and Maintenance

  • Logistic

  • Projects management

  • Modernization and upgrade

  • Support of a wide range of platforms

  • Instruction and training


Dixell Partners works with various suppliers in Europe and USA as UK, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Ukraine, Spain, Belarus and Bulgaria.


This variety of suppliers gives us the option to choose the best solution according to the customer requirements.

All these suppliers are certified by OEM.


Eurocopter and Bell Helicopters

During the past 6 years we operated a line of technical experts in technical solutions of Helicopters. Our team is experienced with required inspection, maintenance routine and technical support.


Team Dixell Partners is well familiar with the Eurocopter SA 365 Dauphin, which is in service in many by many countries and with the Eurocopter AS 350 Ecureuil (AS 350 B2). 

We provide services for Bell-206, Bell 212, Bell 205 and Bell 412



Our technical and logistic team provides engine support for Bell 206, Bell 212, Bell 205, Bell 412, Super Tucano, Beechcraft C-90, King Air, Air Tractor, T-6, Bolkov B-105 and other aircraft. 


We will provide training to flight engineers and technical teams, using our professional team and partners in Europe and USA


Mi17, Mi35

Dixell Partners Pte. Ltd. In cooperation with European partners will provide a complete solution of Mi17 Upgrade according to the UN modernization standard.



Working in cooperation with our partners provides the following advantages:


  • Support customers’ activities all year long in a fast response and in operational level.

  • Insuring that all materials and products are certified and are in perfect condition.

  • All services are performed by professional engineers from one of the biggest aviation industries in the world.


Basic modernization scope of work


The helicopter upgrade will be done in the maintenance center of the customer, while the work will be done by professional technicians according to Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant bulletins and procedures. The scope of work includes:


  • Basic assessment of helicopters equipment and instruments layout

  • Accommodation of proposed solution tailored to Mi17 helicopters layout

  • Start of development work based on the initial assessment

  • Elaboration of initial design

  • Approval of initial design and the upgrades according to the new needs

  • Manufacturing of prototype kits for installation of selected items

  • Installation of items on the helicopters

  • Ground tests of installed components will be conducted in cooperation with the customer

  • Flight tests of installed components will be conducted in cooperation with the customer.

  • Elaboration of modernization documentation, maintenance and operation manuals.

  • Handover of modernization documentation, maintenance and operation manuals. 




Flight Training 

Dixell Partners Pte. Ltd. provides a turnkey pilot training solutions tailored made to the customer’s requirements.


We conduct the training in the number one in Czech flight training center by educate and train all types of people to become very good pilots.


The flight academy offers pilot training varying from PPL(A), PPL(H), NIGHT, MEP, IR SEP, IR MEP, FI(A), IRI(A), CPL(A) to ATP(A) according to flight regulations EASA Part-FCL.


The flying school uses latest methodology and programs for pilot training

We employ experienced instructors while most of them are pilots of airliners

Our flight school has modern premises, which form outstanding conditions for Pilots     training.


The facilities in the FTO buildings 
  • School offices

  • Flight planning rooms

  • Dedicated Briefing rooms

  • Large briefing hall for Ground school learning and Briefing/ Debriefing sessions

  • Restaurant provides 3 meals for the trainees and open in the Evening as well

  • Full Accommodation facilities for the trainees – 2 students  per room

  • Huge Hangars for the Aircraft fleet

  • Technical logistic center in the hangars of Aircraft that provides professional technical support during the flight session and deals with all technical problems every day during the year.

  • Simulator center

  • Gym

  • Outdoor sport



Major subjects of the ground school
  • English aviation;

  • 9 subjects of basic aviation studies and formal Exams for PPL based on the PPL program:


  1. Air Low,

  2. Human performance and limitation

  3. Aircraft principle of flight

  4. Flight performance

  5. Aerodynamics,

  6. Meteorology,

  7. Navigation

  8. Radio aids,

  9. Flight planning.


Technicians training

Dixell Partners provides technical training courses for aircraft maintenance engineers and technicians.

Our technical training solutions and operational troubleshooting tools are designed to help you maximize your resources while enhancing the safety and efficiency of your operations.

We work with you and tailor the courses in order to achieve your primary goal: to ensure safety and service excellence for your customers and crews




Infrastructure Construction

Dixell Partners Pte. Ltd. is in the business of construction as well as construction and operation of major road projects. Dixell Partners cooperates with large scale construction firms in Europe that not only include funded projects for major governments and various municipal corporations but their own BOT projects also. All in all, so far, our partner has constructed & maintained (Includes EPC, O&M & BOT projects) more than 100 projects of Roadways, Sea ports, Airports, Tunnels and Bridges.


Roadway projects

Dixell Partners collaborate with various construction firms in Europe. 

Dixell has vast experience in all types of paving work, specializing in:


  • Highways

  • Local Roads

  • Private Drives

  • Subdivisions


  • Commercial Parking Lots

  • Industrial Drives

  • Airport Runways & Taxiways


Our Services Include:
  • Stone Work

  • Fine Grading

  • Asphalt Paving

  • QC / QA

  • Mix Design

  • Base Work


  • Grinding and Milling

  • Asphalt Dump Sites

  • Site General Contractor

  • Paving Project Management

  • Equipment Rentals


We are involved!  Our project managers oversee all aspects of the project from start to finish. They are the liaisons between Dixell Partners and our customers to make sure that the project is completed timely, efficiently and professionally. Quality and service are their top priorities.


Our Mission

“Our mission is to be the infrastructure constructor of choice for our customers, provide a stable employment environment for our people, and exercise a reasonable balance between risk, integrity, and profitability.”

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