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Business Solution
About Dixell Partners Pte. Ltd.

Dixell Partners Pte. Ltd. provides advanced turnkey solutions of Energy, Agriculture and Water business domains as well as project integration for the aviation industry by providing engineering, training and integration services for government and private customers.


Dixell is a private company dealing in energy solutions like the procurement, sale, installation and service all types of solar energy and power systems, equipment and appliances in West African region.
Our specialty is the Solar PV Business, and has had a long term leading role and experience in the development of the Solar Power Industry.


Dixell Aviation capabilities include aircraft modifications and upgrades, professional project and program management, aircraft maintenance, end-to-end special-mission aircraft services, installation services, logistics, training support and many other MRO services.


Dixell Partners is a leader player in aviation training and management solutions. We provide Pilot training for airlines and individual pilots. 

Business Domains


Dixell Partners establish a training center for rural African farmers. We will train farmers in modern agricultural/agro-forestry techniques, promote conservation and income generating activities such as bee keeping and livestock.


Our classes will teach farmers that by improving their land they will be able to increase yields, enlarge income opportunities in farming and help in the challenge against climate changes.


By establishing a conservation factories and agricultural training centers Dixell helps rural workers to increase the potential Agriculture work. We teach farmers proper agricultural techniques that will improve their yield. Additionally, we teach agricultural income generating activities and improve the farmers’ standard of living.


Dixell Partners is an Energy System integrator.  We use gas turbines to build up turnkey power plants, provide the equipment and expertise for power producers to increase production, lower cost and minimize environmental impact.


We offer a new generation, high yield of onshore and offshore wind turbines with power ratings spanning up to 6 MW. Our main goal is reliability therefore by designation systems for ease of installation; the turbines lower the cost of energy.


Dixell provides technical support services to the helicopters industry. Our technical services unit provides helicopter repair services from facilities located in Europe in three locations.


Our considerable technical capabilities have supported many types of helicopters operations across the world. Serving civil and military customers alike, we are committed to provide high level of work quality, system performance and warranty.




Our main priority is our reputation for delivering proven, reliable, flexible solutions that many customers rely on every day.

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