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Agriculture Projects

Agriculture is Africa’s most important economic sector. However, access to modern technologies and equipment is very limited while cultivation techniques and farm machinery are outdated. Moreover, there is a shortage of qualified personnel capable of maintaining and making best use of the agricultural machinery under local conditions. No practically based training is available for farmers in the use of contemporary machinery and farm management methods.


Inappropriate agricultural practices are reducing soil fertility in Africa, with a consequent decline in yields. This means food has to be imported. The governments  pay for these imports on international markets in foreign currency, with the result that the countries’ currency reserves are being depleted.


Dixell Partners offers vast experience and expertise in many areas of modern agriculture, taking into consideration the different climate and market conditions. The company has many years of experience in agriculture. Our team of agronomists have planned, built and run successful agricultural projects worldwide.


Our Turn-Key projects offer an integrated concept and tailor-made services based on the dedicated conditions as well as requirements of each customer. The entire project will be managed by our team on-site, including: supervision, installation, commissioning and training. Execution of the project will meet the business plan budget and will be delivered in the agreed time-frame accordingly.


Dixell Partners provides in-site management for the first critical growing cycle or for future number of years. We will ensure that the new agricultural project runs smoothly and that a local management team will be trained and take the lead of the project. 



Agricultural Services and Training Center (ASTC)

The ASTC concept is an extension of diverse services and training from a rural logistic center and out to individual farmers and farming units in the vicinity. The ASTC purpose is assisting  the local farmer, enhance his production capability and raise his quality of life.


In addition, the center will facilitate promotion of yield, quality and market supply of agricultural produce. The center will introduce principles of commercial agriculture in a subsistence agricultural setting and will thus upgrade production and introduce fundamental advancement into the rural agricultural environment.


The ASTC will be established in coordination with the government. The center location will be determined considering maximum benefits for the local region and other factors such as the population, accessibility and availability of infrastructure such as electricity, water, communication facilities and roads. The capacity of services based on geographical limits of the served area will be determined by efficiency factors – such as distances to individual farms, population size within the area and the center.


Funding of the center will be a combination of government funding as well as specific fees that will be paid by farmers’ members for technical services and supply.


ASTC will provide diverse training programs in crop production, irrigation, fertilization, tillage and soil preparation, plant protection, post-harvest management and other programs.

The objectives of these courses are to acquaint the trainees with most advanced agricultural technology and to share with them the acquired know-how and experience. The main idea is “On Job training” of implementation of this experience.


Main subjects’ curriculum
  • Production in Greenhouses

  • Production in Open-Field

  • Agro-technical aspects of “fertigation” ( fertilization & irrigation ) system

  • Post-harvest technologies: Handling, Packaging and Marketing

  • Economic aspects of production

  • Plant protection and pest control

  • Agricultural private farming

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